AmeriCash Advance Agreement Signature Page

Thank you for completing and submitting your application with AmeriCash Advance. Carefully READ, PRINT, then SIGN this page and FAX it along with the required verification items shown below, to our processing center, TOLL-FREE 1-877-369-6702, to complete your approval process.

1.   Upon approval, I authorize AmeriCash Advance to deposit a cash advance (for my approved amount, which I acknowledge may be less than the amount requested) into my financial institution account, and to withdraw the amount advanced plus the associated fee on the date/s specified on submitted application. I understand and agree the cash advance plus fee is due in full on my next nearest pay date (up to a maximum of 15 days).
2.   I have read, understand  and agree, to all terms, disclosures, and conditions of the AmeriCash Advance online agreement, including the pre-authorized ACH/EFT electronic funds transfer of deposits (credits) and ACH/EFT electronic funds transfer withdrawals and/or bank draft (debits) of payment/s.
3.   You agree that by submitting completed/ signed, faxed or online, application as a matter of convenience, hereby constitutes the same legal and binding document as providing AmeriCash Advance with your personal post dated check, in the amount of the cash advance plus associated fees, for the scheduled and authorized repayment of the cash advance amount that upon approval will be credited by ACH/EFT to your financial institution account.
   I agree to maintain an open account in good standing with adequate balance, to ensure all payments and fees are collected by AmeriCash Advance in a timely manner on the scheduled due date/s.
5.   I understand and agree that if I fail to make repayment/s in full, as agreed, AmeriCash Advance may file claim with the National Arbitration Forum and their decision will be final and binding. I understand and agree that I will be responsible for all additional costs associated with AmeriCash Advance obtaining payment in full. These additional costs that I will be responsible for include arbitration fees, attorney fees, and/or collection fees incurred by all parties to collect payment in full.
6.   I understand and acknowledge this is a binding agreement with all transactions, now, and as requested in the future, and are made pursuant to the Master Cash Advance Agreement, which will remain in effect and continuous on file with AmeriCash Advance. All transactions will be deemed to have taken place in the State of Delaware, and governed by the State of Delaware in all aspects thereof, regardless of where I have viewed, accepted, and submitted the application and agreement.
7.   I confirm that I am not currently in bankruptcy proceedings, nor do I plan on filing bankruptcy in the future.
8.   I understand, acknowledge, and fully agree that if approved I will receive a cash advance due in full on my next nearest payday up to a maximum of 15 days. I agree and confirm this cash advance is NOT an installment loan that I can make payments on.

SIGNATURE ________________________  Print Name _____________________

DATE  _______________      Social Security Number __________________

Required Verification Items to be faxed (with this Signature Page and the completed application) to toll-free 1-877-369-6702:
-Your most recent, complete 30-day bank statement.
-Your TWO most recent paycheck stubs
-Your blank personal check marked VOID 
-Driver's license or photo ID 
- Most recent phone bill.


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