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Extension of Payment Policy

Our service provides customers with a short term solution for those who find themselves needing extra cash until payday. We do not want this to become a long term obligation for you.


It is not our intent for the cash advance loan to become a long-term financial obligation. We highly recommend that if you find yourself having to request an extension of payment, in addition to the fee portion, always try to pay as much as possible towards reducing your principal amount borrowed By doing this, your advance will be paid faster, with less fees.

Four (4) extensions of payment are allowed. The extension of payment fee is $20 per $100. If you would like to pay an additional amount (in minimum $10 increments) with the extension of payment fee, to lower your current balance and subsequent fee due on your next scheduled pay date (within maximum of 31 days), you may do so.

By doing this, you will have your advance paid faster with less fees!

To pay an additional amount with your extension of payment fee, simply select the amount to pay on the extension request form.

If you elect to only pay the extension of payment fee without reducing current balance, the extension of payment fee will remain constant, and not be reduced. You will still owe the advance balance and additional interest fee on your next nearest scheduled pay date.

After we have received and processed the allowed (4) four extension of payment requests, any further submitted extension of payment requests are processed in the following manner. Beginning with 5th or more submitted extension of payment request, you have agreed and pre-authorized AmeriCash Advance, LLC to debit the fee portion and an additional minimum 10% of the principal loan balance. The additional 10% payment—above the fee portion—will be applied to your existing current advance balance reducing your principle balance owed with each additional submitted extension of payment request until the current advance is paid in full.

* Extension of payment fee requests must be received by 4PM EST on the business day prior to your original payment due date.

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